cash paying


Business starts from samples or small orders, meanwhile fast consume products or fashion products update fast which result in the orders are all small but frequently (mostly can be seen in electronics & fashion industry).

QuickFish agent paying service is born to help on this trend, help clients save money and run business much smoother, together with QuickFish samples consolidationair freight consolidation and LCL/FCL Consolidation services, QuickFish help clients boost the business by up to 10 times!

With QuickFish agent paying service, you will never pay very high bank fee to the supplier for even a sample which valued US$10 but cost you US$40 bank fee, and you will never meet problem for waiting your payment arrive the supplier's account after 3~4 business days.

In some cases or countries, the custom clearance is too strict that the custom need your payment proof. For consolidation shipment, you will meet big problem as you pay the supplier seperately while their is only one shipper on the air/sea way bill. QuickFish agent paying service can also help you solve this problem easily!

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