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12 cartons on the way to Amazon USA warehouse - goods will arrive LAX airport, finish the custom, get duty paid and deliver to Amazom warehouse by local UPS. Your best Amazon FBA shipping agent in China!

With the large freight forwarding network and long term cooperation with USA agent, QuickFish have been providing air freight door to door service to USA. And 2 years ago, QuickFish have begin to invest the Amazon FBA shipping business. Now it's proved to be smooth and steady of our Amazon FBA shipping services. We provide air freight DDU / DDP ( door to door duty paid), sea freight DDU / DDP, express courier DDU to Amazon warehouses in US and EU with fast and economic solutions.

With the fast growing up of Amazon business, more and more sellers are enlarging sells preparing the goods to Amazon warehouse, if you are in this business and you would like to have a reliable & steady FBA shipping partner in China. We are just here for your. Contact us by

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Working Day and Night Just for Your Satisfaction

We are not only working at day time, we also work at night even it's 23:30pm, in order to catch the latest ship and keep the goods in very good condition!

Special customized design pallet with 2.5m length and 1.3m width for special products, professional packing to keep the goods in the good method. 3 pallets goods are on the way to the sea port for LCL consolidation sea freight shipment! 

This consolidation shipment contain goods from 16 factories, QuickFish helped clients from United Kingdom on finishing all the work in China and shipped out to the sea port of United Kingdom with the fastest movement.

QuickFish is definitly the best freight consolidation, freight forwarding and agent services provider in China. Contact us if any interest!

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